Organisation overview

  • Coordination
  • Research
  • Dissemination
  • Advisory board

The WOMB project is coordinated by professor Tessa Roseboom (AMC), she is supported by the coordinating postdoc, Cornelieke van de Beek (AMC) and by Paul Bessems who handles all WOMB administration.

The research is done by a multidisciplinary team of scientists from AMC, UMCG, VUMC and the University of Helsinki and consists of obstetricians, epidemiologists, pediatricians, psychologists, nutritionists, internists, and other clinical and preclinical scientists.

GO Net – The Global Obstetrics Network (GONet) is a global network of accomplished researchers who wish to work together to make a difference to the health and well-being of pregnant women and their babies. The Global Obstetrics Network top priority is to aim at maximising the application of research to improve health and implement the research into clinical practice, ensuring that every child born gets the best start to life possible. Therefore, the aims of WOMB seamlessly fit with those of GO net, and their role will be important in disseminating the results of WOMB to health professionals in obstetrics around the globe. GONet website.

The Scientific Advisory Board consists of experts representing the key aspects of activities of the project. As such, the Advisory Board Members represent leaders in the fields of developmental programming, prevention of CVD, and obstetrics and gynaecology. The SAB consists of professors Peter Nilsson, professor Peter Gluckman, and professor Lucilla Poston.

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