About WOMB project

WOMB stands for Women, their Offspring and iMproving lifestyle for Better cardiovascular health of Both. The overall aim of WOMB is to examine the effects of a lifestyle intervention before and during pregnancy on cardiovascular health in women and their children. WOMB includes the follow up of women and their children from two already successfully completed RCTs (the Dutch Lifestyle study and the Finnish Radiel study), in which women were randomly allocated to a pre-pregnancy lifestyle intervention or care as usual.

The intervention has proven to be effective in changing lifestyle and we will now assess effects on cardiovascular health of women and their offspring. We will also examine the dose-response relationship to assess the optimal dose, intensity and timing of the intervention.

We will be collecting biosamples that we will store for future studies into the underlying mechanisms. We hypothesise that successful application of lifestyle intervention strategies in women before and during pregnancy will improve cardiovascular health of women and their children. The full potential of the intervention will require longer term follow up of both mothers and children in these studies.

WOMB is the first ever pre-pregnancy intervention trial that we know of that aims at improving lifestyle before pregnancy while assessing its effects on both the mother and her child. Ultimately, this could contribute to the prevention of CVD in current and future generations and alleviate the societal and economic burden of CVD.

The WOMB project is carried out in the NVOG Consortium.

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