Malou Menting, MSc

Researcher child health & development
AMC Amsterdam

Malou Menting is an enthusiastic and driven researcher of the Amsterdam Medical Center (AMC). During her bachelor Health Sciences, she followed topics in Australia where her research ambition concerning child development began. Subsequently, she completed a master in Developmental Psychology in 2012 with a research internship at Babylab in Tilburg University. Thereafter, she completed a master in Healthcare Policy, Innovation & Management in 2013 with a research internship concerning lifestyle interventions by overweighed adults at Maastricht University. During her studies she was a coxswain of rowing teams as well as active in several committees of the student rowing association. In 2014 she worked as a researcher at Vektis, where her academic research ambitions were further inspired. Her main interest is child health and optimizing child development.

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