WOMB stands for Women, their Offspring and iMproving lifestyle for Better cardiovascular health of Both. The overall aim of WOMB is to examine the effects of a lifestyle intervention before and during pregnancy on cardiovascular health in women and their children.
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Organisation overview: the WOMB project is coordinated by professor Tessa Roseboom (AMC), she is supported by the coordinating postdoc, Dr. Cornelieke van de Beek (AMC) and by Paul Bessems who handles all WOMB administration.
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The research is done by a multidisciplinary team of scientists from AMC, UMCG, VUMC and the University of Helsinki. It consists of obstetricians, epidemiologists, pediatricians, psychologists, nutritionists, internists, and other clinical and preclinical scientists.
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The WOMB project is funded by the Dutch Heart Foundation, the European Commission, the Academic Medical Centre (Amsterdam), the University Medical Centre Groningen, the VU University Medical Centre (Amsterdam) and the University of Helsinki.
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